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This is for [info]blackdragoneyes because you've asked for my a look at my pictures and i don't think you've ever actually seen any. 

This is a small except from the large picture (because I didn't want to paste the thing up) and it's also been resized to fit onto the page (Sorry!~ ^^!)

On a different note, I'm almost finished with the 9/11 project that I've signed up for (blackdragoneye's idea) and I'm almost finished with it. Sadly, it's going to have to be in greyled as well only because I don't trust myself colouring in things. I have this tendency to just go "Aaahh, screw it". LOL. Which is a bad habit really.

(PsSssh, if you want blackdragoneyes, I could past up the rough copy of it so far)

Dec. 7th, 2006

School finished about 3 weeks ago and I've steadily lulled myself into a state of slothness. All I do is eat, sleep and watch movies. But, lol, what a great life that is.
Anyways, since finishing my exams for the year, all I can think about is how badly I did. O__O;; Seriously, I'm bent on my own destruction. And I'm so terrified of it actually coming true that every time I think of myself getting a low mark I knock on wood for a very long time.
A low score is a low score. Fair enough. Move on, people say. Also fair. But I'm Asian and I have very Asian parents. You don't understand my need to get good grades. If I don't, it's my head on a platter and I'm not exactly a masochist so I don't want that happening. 
So when exam time rolls by I study like crazy. During exam time, I study like crazy. Then after the exams have finishd, I sit there and am tormented at the idea of getting a very, very bad mark.
I want to become a radiologist. You don't understand how hard that is to get. I need an ENTER score of 94 or so. To get an ENTER that high, I'll need to get two A+'s and the rest A's at the very least. I'll also have to ace the UMAT exam as well. Great, more added pressure.
So yeah, while I'm having fun and everything, at the back of my head I can't help but feel a little bit 'oh no, its the end of the world'. I had a dream where, on my chemistry exam I got a D. The dream was so real and vivid, that I woke up thinking "Shit, my parents are going to kill me." (I did get that exam back early though, and I didn't get a D. But STILL.)
Yeaaaah, I'm one of those annoying people who worry over their test/SAC/exam results. So sue me. You gotta be stressed when you've got parents like mine. 

AAAAANYWAY. Christmas seems to blow into my house quicker than it does other families. At the beginning of November my mum put up the prickly Christmas tree. I remember laughing because my cousin, who lives in America, asked me "Do you put fake snow on your tree?"
I was like: "LOL. We live in Australia. It's summer over here. I may as well throw sand all over the tree."
And yeah, it's sweltering right now. Tomorrow's gonna be 37 degrees or so. That's like cooking yourself slowly. Slip, slop, slap times 10. Its this time of the year when they bring out the skin cancer commercials on the tv the show the huge gross tumour that just came outta a girl's back. Trust me, it's the grossest thing you'll ever lay your eyes on. 
I sorta feel sorry for the Santas in the shopping centres and in the street. Its gotta be boiling in those costumes. The sun's relentless in Australia and maaaan, a santa suit's gotta be the worst place you can be at 12 o'clock on a 40 degree day. 

Anyway, I think I've babbled enough.

Beauty (Beyound Conforming Styles)

I've been idle during the holidays and I kinda feel completely useless. I've been churning out drawngs but none of them seem up to scratch except for this one which is only a quick sketch that I drew.

In any case, I was reading one of my favourite webcomics and I stumbled upon a message on the tag board that just really seemed to tick me off. Usually, anything bad being said I would just stand back and let it go you know? Let the other tag board people deal with it.

But out of all the the dumb, gay, moronically bastard like comments I've ever found in a tag board, this had to take the whole cake and toppings. It was just a complaint about how the drawings were ugly. But I was so angry I even broke my taboo about staying out of tag boards and bitched the person's sorry ass off the face of the planet.

Some people have got to realise that there are different styles of art out there. Sure, there's the pretty anime kind, but there's also the gothic kind, the stringy looking people, the American comic style...there's tons. Whether or not it's to your liking, it's a style and in its own right, it's beautiful. 

It's like One Piece. I can't truthfully say it's the most gorgeous artwork I've ever seen. But it's a dying anime style. It's original, it's different, it's one of a kind and that's just what the webcomic artist's style is - one of a kind. It isn't like all those other fluffy anime you see these days. It's different and it's her own style. Therein lies the beauty of it; in its uniqueness.

That comment just hit a bad mark with me. All I can say is if you can't appreciate different styles, different type of artwork then keep your mouth shut. It only serves to make you look like a moron. And yeah, I'm probably missing something and saying random words of bitchiness but that's how I see it.

Now I gotta go off and wash the bitchiness from my face. >_> God.

My boyfriend gave me this article and I pissed myself laughing so hard I was actually crying. I don't know if the author was trying to be serious or not, but since I'm asian, it's the most goddamn funniest thing I have ever read.


Surprisingly, I can see a master plan in that. World domination through breeding too much!!!! YARGH!

Blech. I'm currently eating this ice cream that tastes like shittle. >_< Lol. I'm bored outta my skull and I can't do any of my real homework (i.e Viscom - only because my teacher's an Asian-hating-long-talking-crank and will kill me if I don't) because I don't have my scanner...it suddenly went POOF! and vanished. -___-;;

As a side note: Have far have we advanced as a nation? The other day, my cousin (who's in grade 5), told me she was going to go on a diet. 
Thinking she was joking, I said: "LOL! Yeah, bananas and apples are really fattening".
She said: "OMG!! I'm never gonna eat them EVER AGAIN!!"
I'm like: "You're joking right? You're not really gonna go on a diet are you?"
She then replied with: "OH OF COURSE! I have to keep up my figure if I want a boyfriend."


Oh my god - what the hell?? She then told me that there was this guy, who is a year younger than her, who had a girlfriend but cheated on her with several different other girls. And all I can think of is: WHAT?!?!
Do you know what I was doing when I was in primary school? I was running around throwing sand at people, playing chasy, cooties were a craze and I believed in the all powerful "germ locks times infinity" *does the hand thing*.

Yeaaah! That's right! *does the hand thing again* Germs lock!!~~ XO YOU CAN'T GERM ME!~!! I ALREADY DID GERM LOCKS!

Man~ This ice cream really does taste horrible~



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